Napoli: Chaotic Beauty

There are many things that Rome, as a city is offering to its residents and visitors. Food, culture, arts, history…

But it is not only Rome. As a whole, Italy is a charming country. Last weekend, I and Lucia, my dear friend from RBS*, found the opportunity to visit Naples, in the aim of discovering more of that magic.  

Therefore, this post is going to be an instrument to reflect my thoughts and observations about Naples. It is located in Campania region of Italy. Naples is the 3rd largest city in Italy after Rome and Milan with a population of around 1 Million. The distance is approximately around 225 km from Rome, which took us two hours and thirty minutes to reach by bus.

Piazza Plebiscito, Naples 

First thing first is food of course. Before visiting Naples,I heard from couple of people that Pizza is really delicious there, they do it amazing, its yummy etc. I was like, Okay. It may be better, but how different it can be then Rome? That was the curious question I had on my mind, when on the way to this interesting city.

We arrived to Napoli on a Friday evening. After checking-into the room, the first thing to do was start walking to the Via dei Tribunali. Operation Pizza hunting….:) 

We had a list of pizzeria’s to try and one of them was located on that street. When we reach there, a long line welcomed us. Lots of people was waiting for that pizza.  Well,normally we could wait maybe. But, having considered that we were so hungry,the decision was to try another pizzeria. Luckily, the one opposite to this long line had places to sit.

That’s where we first try our Napoletano pizza.
and the pizza from the first location 🙂 

It was so yummy! I kept repeating, every minute: ‘This is so delicious’. In the second day, we tried the pizza at Lombardi Napoli 1892. I have to say that this one was much more delicious. Another detail I have to mention is, the city is slightly cheaper then Rome.

I am still a beginner in İtalian. But it is obvious that they are doing this for very long time.
This one is from Lombardi. I liked it more 🙂

If I have to describe Napoli in two words, that will be ‘Chaotic beauty’. It had an authentic atmosphere and beautiful historical monuments all around. I felt really joyful to experience the bustling and vibrant energy of the Neapolitan streets. Walking is always more pleasure in that kind of environment.  

Riding a bicycle along the coast was another highlight of the weekend. As an islander, I felt extra happy to be next to the sea again after some months. When that combined with my passionate activity which is riding bicycle, İt become some of the most fabulous moments that I spent in the city. 

View from Castel Sant’Elmo

Anyone has the opportunity should visit. Walk in the streets, rent a bicycle and ride along the Neapolitan coast and taste the pizza.

Rome is stately and impressive; Florence is all beauty and enchantment; Genoa is picturesque; Venice is a dream city; but Naples is simply fascinating.

Lilian Whiting.

*RBS: Rome Business School



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